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PalDock creates mutually beneficial synergies by covering all stages of affiliates and advertisers


Track conversions from centrally managed campaigns and links and optimize them based on reports.

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Invite, onboard and manage affiliates. Set custom commissions and evaluate results in reports.

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Connect partners and advertisers through links or lead generation. Create own leadgen products.

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Get API-enhanced promotions and lead generation. PalDock supports cookie-less tracking, API-based eligibility checks, and efficient lead-generation tools. Affiliates can seamlessly verify client eligibility and submit leads via API, optimizing promotions and maximizing revenue potential on a unified dashboard.

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Get advanced API features and customizable commission structures, potentially based on multiples of monthly revenue, and track accurate affiliate traffic and conversions. Maximize your revenue potential.

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Get precise conversion tracking via cookies, cookie-less methods, and promo codes, catering especially to influencers. Provide auto-updating product feed for affiliates to enhance promotions.

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Get customizable commission structures based on models like CPA, Revenue sharing or consider criteria such as First-time Deposit amounts or custom formulas. The formula might integrate Gross Gaming Revenue, taxes, bonuses, or anything other. With features like cookie-less tracking and brand protection manage your affiliate marketing effectively.

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Service comparison

Automate product data updates from various sources, ensuring current data for affiliates. It also empowers users to build their own products, capturing leads on-site and selling them to advertisers through API for optimal revenue generation.

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Product comparison

Automate banner updates from Product Data Feed with the latest product details or highlighted category winners. Optimize ad tracking with clickID for maximum revenue.

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Aggregated products data

Aggregate your advertiser’s product’s data into one product feed for comparison on your websites. No more manual updates across multiple websites.

  • Aggregate XML or API feeds into one feed
  • Import any feed with drag and drop builder
  • Set auto updates or make manual changes
  • Present data on infinite number of websites
Conversions Tracking

Create campaigns with various payment models and track the impressions, clicks and conversions through all your marketing sources in comprehensive reports.

  • Conversion tracking (cookie and cookie-less)
  • Various payment models (calculations, fixed, %,…)
  • Fastest URL shortener with fewer redirects
  • Import all data from other softwares to one place

Lead generation

Gain more control over your traffic by collecting leads from your visitors and sell them for higher price with possible further monetization. Set any lead structure and create forms and processes behind it.

  • Earn more money with Lead generation
  • Set any Lead structure with any field validation
  • Consolidate more Advertisers into one Lead structure
  • Create forms and following pages in drag&drop builder

Lead distribution

Offer your leads in 4 types of lead distributions and sell them to one advertiser or to many to earn the most. Use lead filtering, verification, redirect possibilities, various payment models and more.

  • Various Lead distributions to sell leads for best price
  • Lead filtering to send most valid leads for highest CPL
  • Many channels for one Advertiser with various payout
  • Integrate any Advertiser’s API without any developer

Manage Your Affiliate Partners

Seamlessly recruit, onboard, and organize your partners. Easily categorize them, and assign dedicated affiliate managers for personalized attention.

  • Easy categorization with custom tags
  • Various payment models (calculations, fixed, %,…)
  • One-time or automated bonuses or penalties
  • Notifications for both you and your affiliates

Always-Up-To-Date Assets

Take full control over your marketing assets with easy management of expiration dates and post-expiration content. Say goodbye to outdated banners or information on affiliate sites. 

  • Aggregate XML or API feeds into one feed
  • Import any feed with drag and drop builder
  • Set auto updates or make manual changes
  • Present data on infinite number of websites

Brand Protection with Safety Rules

Gain a comprehensive insight into the delivered traffic, tracing back to the specific pages and websites it’s coming from.

  • Allow or disallow specific domains
  • Provide specific affiliates with stricter terms

Boost revenues by Lead generation

Think beyond just clicks! Dive into leads as a powerful traffic source and track everything on a single, unified platform.

  • Ready-to-embed customizable forms
  • Easy, yet sophisticated API connection
  • Lead validation, verification, and advanced filtering
  • Drag&Drop editor for crafting the perfect lead journey

Manage Affiliates and Advertisers

Smoothly recruit and onboard partners or advertisers, then categorize and tag them, and allocate dedicated managers to ensure personalized handling

  • Easy categorization with custom tags
  • Various payment models (calculations, fixed, %,…)
  • One-time or automated bonuses or penalties
  • Notifications for both affiliates and advertisers

Track accurately all traffic

Whether it’s from affiliates or your own campaigns, monitor all traffic effortlessly. Use cookie-based and cookie-less tracking, or utilize promo codes.

  • View all traffic, conversions, and campaign data
  • Conversion tracking (cookie and cookie-less)
  • Attribution rules with specific source prioritization
Harness full SEO potential

By using a 301 permanent redirect from affiliates to your domain and then a 302 temporary redirect to your advertisers, harness all the SEO benefits.

  • Keep SEO link juice from affiliate links for yourself
  • Design tracking parameters unrecognized by Google
  • Embed remarketing pixels within redirects

Build your own products

Build unique products by leveraging Advertiser offerings, adding value for both affiliate partners and end-users alike. Promote it to affiliates through links or API for Lead generation.

  • Get an edge over competitors with your own product
  • Integrate any Advertiser’s API without any developer
  • Create forms and following pages in drag&drop builder
  • Promote it to affiliates through links, forms or APIs

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