PalDock’s use cases for Affiliate partner

Hey there, fellow affiliate enthusiasts! Whether you’re an influencer, blogger, or any kind of affiliate partner – be it a veteran or someone just starting out – we know everyone has their unique way of doing things. The good news? PalDock’s got your back no matter your style or stage.

Helping in affiliate growth, from start to scaling

From the first step in your affiliate journey to growing a full-blown network, we’ve got tools and features to support you every step of the way. Let’s break down what we offer, from the simple stuff to the more advanced. Ready? Here’s what’s on deck:

  • Promo code tracking
  • Tracking without parameters
  • URL shortening
  • Link management
  • Cookie-less tracking
  • Click tracking with custom parameters for Ads optimization
  • Products data aggregation
  • Conversion tracking and result consolidation
  • Lead generation
  • Scaling into Affiliate network

Let’s dive deep into it.

Promo code tracking – Not only for influencers

Looking to collaborate with advertisers without broadcasting that you’re earning commissions through affiliate cooperation? Or maybe your platform isn’t too keen on affiliate links, or your followers just aren’t fans of them? That’s where promo codes come into play. With our system, you don’t need visible affiliate links. Get your personal promo code, and when someone uses it, that success is linked right back to you (even if your competitor tries to use it)  No cookie tracking is needed. Our promo codes sidestep the usual cookie issues, ensuring your traffic is always tracked.

Tracking even without URL parameters

Similarly, you can monitor traffic from your website without using the affiliate URL tags. Affiliates opt for this when working with display ad networks, which have tight rules against affiliate collaborations. With Paldock, the process is a breeze. Just register your domain, add a tracking script, and we’ll do the rest. Your traffic gets tracked and attributed to you, even without URL parameters. The best part? It’s entirely cookie-independent! No worries about missed tracking due to cookie restrictions.

Boost Clicks with the fastest URL shortener to create short branded links

Lengthy, messy links can seriously harm your click-through rates. People either hesitate to click on them or get stuck in slow redirects. Paldock’s here to change the game. Turn those lengthy URLs into neat, branded links that represent your website with grace. With a direct connection to both your site and advertisers, we ensure super-fast redirects, beating any other URL-shortening tools. And the icing on the cake? Change a shortened link once, and it updates across multiple sites. No tedious, site-by-site changes. A real time-saver!

Effortless Link Management

Juggling multiple affiliate links or websites? Things can get tangled fast. That’s where Paldock steps in. Centralize and manage all your affiliate links from a single hub, eliminating the hassle of going through countless posts or sites to make link updates. But we don’t stop there. We actively monitor link health, ensuring users are smoothly redirected to an alternative you’ve set up if a link breaks. And, of course, we’ll promptly notify you. 

Bring your revenues back with Cookie-less tracking

Did you know? Up to 64 percent of global consumers agree that they accept all cookie permissions when prompted but rates vary by region according to YouGov’s global consumer study. If your advertiser relies solely on cookies, that’s a whopping 40% of potential revenues slipping away from you. But Paldock has a solution. With our Postback tracking, we bypass cookies altogether, ensuring every conversion and every cent is captured. PalDock ensures every possible dollar lands in your pocket.

Optimize your Paid Ads thanks to Click-tracking

Running Paid Ads for your site? Wondering which exact clicks lead to conversions on the advertiser’s end? With our custom tracking, you can tag each click from your ads (using tools like Google Tag Manager) and attach it to your affiliate links. So when a sale or conversion occurs, you’ll pinpoint which exact click made it happen. Allowing you to automatically optimize your ads because Paldock can directly send this data to your Ad system via a server-to-server postback. 

Automate Product Data with Advanced Aggregation

Product comparison is only as good as the freshness of your data. Whether you’re using dynamic banners or product XML feeds, keeping everything current is key, especially when managing multiple websites. Paldock makes it a breeze. Our platform offers self-updating HTML banners tailored for specific products, categories, or other formats, and the ability to pull together data from various XML feeds including your own for easy comparison on your sites. The best part? Updates sync automatically with advertiser XML changes, but you also have the flexibility to tweak things manually. 

Centralize Your Conversion Insights

Drowning in data from a multitude of advertisers and networks? Bouncing between systems to keep tabs on conversions can be overwhelming. Paldock simplifies it all. We bring together results from every corner into a unified dashboard. Just one login, one platform, and you have it all at your fingertips. And if your advertisers use Paldock as well? Even better! Generate promotional content or send out invoices directly, no need to toggle between accounts.

Boost Your Earnings with Lead Generation

Sending clicks to advertisers is decent, but let’s face it, it’s like throwing darts in the dark. You can’t really steer the conversion once it’s on their website. Here’s where Lead Generation shines. Instead of just routing clicks with unpredictable outcomes, why not gather leads directly on your site and pass on this valuable data? It’s a win-win-win! Your visitors get extra value, you grow a robust database, and essentially, you’re crafting your very own product and the Advertiser is happy for a hot lead. Think about it: if you’re promoting services, say loans, you can collect user info and match them with the perfect loan offer. The result? A significant revenue increase, as a solid lead far outvalues a mere redirect.

Scale your business and start your own Affiliate program

Thinking big? Considering running your own affiliate program or even an entire network in the future? It’s crucial to pick a platform that not only offers the features we’ve covered before but also empowers you to oversee your very own affiliates. Dive into recruiting, customize commission rates or tiers, and explore many more possibilities. Set your sights on scaling up with the right tools in hand so you don’t have to difficultly change them later.

Looking for More?

There’s only so much we can squeeze in here. If you feel something’s left out, take a peek at Paldock or drop us a line. Just remember, we’re truly dedicated to catering to every phase of Affiliate marketing. So if there’s a feature you’re after and we don’t have it yet, rest assured, we’ll get on it for you!

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Get API-enhanced promotions and lead generation. PalDock supports cookie-less tracking, API-based eligibility checks, and efficient lead-generation tools. Affiliates can seamlessly verify client eligibility and submit leads via API, optimizing promotions and maximizing revenue potential on a unified dashboard.

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Get advanced API features and customizable commission structures, potentially based on multiples of monthly revenue, and track accurate affiliate traffic and conversions. Maximize your revenue potential.

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Get precise conversion tracking via cookies, cookie-less methods, and promo codes, catering especially to influencers. Provide auto-updating product feed for affiliates to enhance promotions.

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Get customizable commission structures based on models like CPA, Revenue sharing or consider criteria such as First-time Deposit amounts or custom formulas. The formula might integrate Gross Gaming Revenue, taxes, bonuses, or anything other. With features like cookie-less tracking and brand protection manage your affiliate marketing effectively.

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Service comparison

Automate product data updates from various sources, ensuring current data for affiliates. It also empowers users to build their own products, capturing leads on-site and selling them to advertisers through API for optimal revenue generation.

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Product comparison

Automate banner updates from Product Data Feed with the latest product details or highlighted category winners. Optimize ad tracking with clickID for maximum revenue.

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