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Balancing Affiliates and Advertisers can feel like an endless game of mismatch: sometimes too many affiliates, other times overflowing with advertisers. With uncertain network value on a decline, affiliates are often going straight to advertisers. That’s where we step in. Paldock allows you to elevate above standard offers, giving you more than just mediating clicks. We amplify your offerings, adding genuine value for your affiliates. And if you’re also driving traffic on your own, you will love what Paldock has in store for you. 

We care about your needs and aim to fulfill them

We dive deep into understanding what you need, crafting Paldock as the go-to solution for all things related to Affiliate marketing and running a Network.

We’ve got tools and features to support your activities. Let’s break down what we offer, from the simple stuff to the more advanced. Ready? Here’s what’s on deck:

  • Track accurately affiliate or your own traffic and conversions
  • Harness full SEO potential and retarget every click
  • Efficiently Manage Your Affiliate Partners and Advertisers
  • Effortless Notifications for You and your Affiliates and Advertisers
  • Protect Advertiser’s Brand with Our Safety Rules
  • Boost effectiveness and revenues by Lead generation
  • Build your own products to get an edge over competitors
  • Invoicing Made Simple

Track accurately affiliate or your own traffic and conversions

Whether it’s from affiliates or your own campaigns, monitor all traffic effortlessly. Define your attribution rules—whether prioritizing your own sources over affiliates or opting for a last-click attribution. Use cookie-based and cookie-less tracking, or utilize promo codes for clear and fair conversion tracking. View all traffic, conversions, and campaign data in a unified dashboard across all partners, advertisers, and your own campaigns.

Harness full SEO potential and retarget every click

Have a flagship branded website driving traffic? Use it to its fullest by turning it into an SEO-boosting redirect hub. By using a 301 permanent redirect from affiliates to your domain and then a 302 temporary redirect to your advertisers, you harness all the SEO benefits from your affiliate links. Worried Google might flag them as affiliate links, given its skill for recognizing standard affiliate link structures? Design your own unique tracking parameters to fly under the radar. Bonus: Embed your remarketing pixels within these redirects, letting you capture, segment, and retarget those affiliate-driven clicks for your maximum revenues.

Efficiently Manage Your Affiliate Partners and Advertisers

Start strong with smooth recruitment and onboarding of partners or advertisers, then categorize, tag, and allocate dedicated managers to ensure personalized handling. Customize commission plans – be it CPA, CPS, revenue sharing, or any other model (including custom formulas). You can also set distinct commission models for partners and advertisers. Keep the motivation high with occasional bonuses or go for regular, automated incentives. And if there’s a slip-up, there are penalties in place. 

Effortless Notifications for You and your Affiliates and Advertisers

Stay updated with automatic or manual notifications tailored for both you and your affiliate partners and advertisers. Whether it’s about a new partner awaiting approval, a fresh payout request, or even just general communications, we’ve got you covered. Beyond the standard alerts, customize notifications to suit specific needs. Worried about traffic drops from top affiliates or potential link/API downtimes? Set up specialized alerts and always be a step ahead in managing any challenges.

Protect Advertiser’s Brand with Our Safety Rules

For advertisers keen on brand protection, you can provide traffic exclusively from whitelisted domains based on their choosing. With Paldock, they’ll also be able to pinpoint the exact page from where the traffic originates, facilitating their possible review process. Furthermore, if required, affiliate partners can be prompted to sign the extra advertiser’s terms and conditions. And should advertisers wish to have a hands-on approach, you can enable them to communicate with and manage affiliates directly.

Boost effectiveness and revenues by Lead generation

Think beyond just clicks! Dive into leads as a powerful traffic source and track everything on a single, unified platform. Make the process more efficient: equip affiliates with ready-to-embed customizable forms for their sites or an API for direct lead submissions to Paldock, and, ultimately, to you. Craft the perfect lead journey with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, packed with lead validation, verification, and advanced filtering. Bonus: If your affiliate is already on Paldock, you’re in for a smooth setup, potentially saving weeks of API integration time.

Build your own products to get an edge over competitors

Build unique products by leveraging Advertiser offerings, adding value for both affiliate partners and end-users alike. Promote it to affiliates through links or API for Lead generation. Considering a Product or Service Comparison? How about a recommendation engine tailored to user inputs? Whatever you envision, we’ve got the tools. Integrate with Advertisers via API, gather all the essential data, and turn those connections to your advantage.

Invoicing Made Simple

Receive invoices from your affiliate partners or let Paldock auto-generate them on their behalf. Our system ensures precise balance adjustments for smooth transactions each time. Easily produce invoices for advertisers via Paldock and monitor their payment status. This is especially handy when affiliate partners must first wait for advertisers to settle with the network before their commissions get approved.

Looking for More?

There’s only so much we can squeeze in here. If you feel something’s left out, take a peek at Paldock or drop us a line. Just remember, we’re truly dedicated to catering to every phase of Affiliate marketing for Networks. So if there’s a feature you’re after and we don’t have it yet, rest assured, we’ll get on it for you!

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Get API-enhanced promotions and lead generation. PalDock supports cookie-less tracking, API-based eligibility checks, and efficient lead-generation tools. Affiliates can seamlessly verify client eligibility and submit leads via API, optimizing promotions and maximizing revenue potential on a unified dashboard.

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Get advanced API features and customizable commission structures, potentially based on multiples of monthly revenue, and track accurate affiliate traffic and conversions. Maximize your revenue potential.

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Get precise conversion tracking via cookies, cookie-less methods, and promo codes, catering especially to influencers. Provide auto-updating product feed for affiliates to enhance promotions.

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Get customizable commission structures based on models like CPA, Revenue sharing or consider criteria such as First-time Deposit amounts or custom formulas. The formula might integrate Gross Gaming Revenue, taxes, bonuses, or anything other. With features like cookie-less tracking and brand protection manage your affiliate marketing effectively.

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Service comparison

Automate product data updates from various sources, ensuring current data for affiliates. It also empowers users to build their own products, capturing leads on-site and selling them to advertisers through API for optimal revenue generation.

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Product comparison

Automate banner updates from Product Data Feed with the latest product details or highlighted category winners. Optimize ad tracking with clickID for maximum revenue.

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