iFrame forms


  • Affiliate partner = Marketer or a Company delivering traffic for commissions
  • Advertiser = Lead Generation company or Provider of some service buying traffic
  • Lead = customer’s data usually from filled form
  • iFrame form = Form embedded on website of affiliate partner under control of the Advertiser for collecting customer’s data

When the link redirection is not enough for your affiliate’s or advertiser’s needs, you will soon start dealing with API and custom or iframe forms.

API for delivering customers data

Where API is a method of delivering the customer data to the advertiser, the form is a way of collecting those data from the user. And as with most of the things where the user is involved, this part is prone to error – technical, UX or human.

Form for collecting customers data

Forms need to be done flawlessly so the process is efficient – your money is at stake. That is why we have created a robust iframe form builder for Paldock. So you or your affiliate does not have to worry, because this difficult technological part is already done by us and can be customized for your needs. 

What you need to do is to define what fields do you want to have in your iframe in how many steps and in what order. Then you will set predefined field validation or create your own. Later on you need to map the fields from iframe to your advertisers based on their API integration requirements. 

Paldock will generate the iframe which can then be customized and placed to yours or affiliate partner websites on the internet. From that moment you start to collect the customer’s data as leads, which can be sold in several ways – more on this in the chapter Lead routing and distribution.

Data enrichment

The biggest benefit is that YOU collect the data and you are the owner (and you can allow the same for your affiliate partners). In this marketing age, there are dozens of ways how these data can support your business further and provide you competitive advantage. 

Pro tip: if you are in an industry, where the customer might get rejected by the advertiser (if you are selling the leads exclusively to just one), you can use a feature called Alternative offer. That means, in situations where the main advertiser rejects the customer, you can either ask the customer for approval or sell the customer directly to an alternative advertiser.