Link tracking

Link tracking


  • Affiliate partner = Marketer or a Company delivering traffic for commissions
  • Advertiser = Lead Generation company or Provider of some service buying traffic
  • Horst Fuchs = famous teleshopping star from Germany

I know, I know. Another link tracking software. Yes, there are dozens of link tracking softwares, but we are unique! 🙂

Paldock combines the advantages of link tracking with lead generation. Thus if you are in an industry where the lead generation exists, you would sooner or later do it. Be prepared for it and use a scalable future-proof software which not only supports link tracking, but also Lead generation. Such as Paldock.

And as Horst Fuchs says: “That’s not all!”. The Paldock already comes with affiliate partner’s support.

Required intro

Just to not get too ahead of us, let’s start with basics. Link tracking means that you use special tagged links for your campaigns such as{visitor_id}

This link will generate the ID for each visitor and if this visitor will convert or do some required action, you (if you are an advertiser) or the advertiser (if you are an affiliate) will inform the software about this. Thanks to this you get realtime information about what happens to the visitor including the possible earned commission for those actions.

Iframe Form so you can collect the customer’s data

If you are an affiliate partner and you want to collect the customers data directly and not only send the customers to advertisers website, you can do it thanks to your robust iframe form builder. More about that in the iframe form article.

If you are an advertiser (or affiliate network) and want to provide your affiliate partners with an iframe connected to your system, you can again thanks to our iframe form builder.

API integrations for lead generation

But that data from the iframe form needs to go somewhere somehow. And that is where the API integrations come in. We created a robust API standard for receiving and sending the leads with advanced logic of lead distribution.


In other words, Paldock is prepared for your future needs in terms of affiliate partners or lead generation. Can you say it for your current tracking solution?