URL shortener

If you are already using any of the available tools for creating shortened branded links you probably know that using and managing direct links is hell. If you are not using a similar tool yet, start now! Before you experience the horror of:

  • changing the link on numerous locations and forgetting some
  • setting up redirect type, (no)follow on individual links instead of in bulk
  • having your visitors be afraid to click on link
  • not measuring the clicks and not noticing changes or errors – be it yours or of destination website’s
  • and more

And when deciding what tool to use, you will check whether the tool offers: 

  • categorization and tagging
  • redirect and destination URL uptime monitoring
  • parameter forwarding
  • click and conversion tracking
  • reporting

In Paldock, we say YES to all of those

And we say YES to much more since we are not only a link management platform. We know how nasty it is to pick a tool that seemingly satisfies your current needs to find out half a year later, that you need one more tool to scale your business. 

We have been there and it’s one of the reasons the Paldock was created – to offer not only the basic features from one segment (link management, campaign tracking, offer tracking, affiliate management, lead forms, API and lead routing) but to combine them in a way that supports your growth!

We got you covered!

Are you a webmaster who just needs to manage branded links from one place? We got you covered!

Have you started to buy traffic from different sources and you need to know where does it convert, what you paid and earned, and if you have a profit? We got you covered!

Do you want to later buy traffic from affiliates and manage affiliates and offers in one place?

Do you want to later use iframes or custom forms to collect your own leads and sell them through API to advertisers?

Do you want to sell the leads in a sophisticated way through various distribution types?

You guessed it, we got you covered too! All of this together with great reports visualizing your profits in an easy way.

Our URL shortener is for all of those, who:

  • want to add a clickID for each click sent to Advertiser in order to know which specific click converted
  • want to set capping on clicks to send the exact amount of clicks that your Advertiser paid? And if exceeded, to show a different URL
  • want to set expiration on links and if expired, show a different URL
  • want to automatically check if the destination URL is up and running and if not, show a different URL
  • want to set custom URL parameters and forward them for example to use Google ClientID as a ClickID and get even deeper analysis
  • want to set remarketing pixel for each redirected click
  • want to NOT GET CRAZY from hundreds of uncategorized, untagged links
  • want to see all data from links in clear and user-friendly charts and statistics

Check our DEMO and all the features

And if you will need something custom, we are happy to help.