Betting Affiliate Software

If you’re a betting company offering services like betting, casino, iGaming, or others, and are interested in affiliate marketing, it’s essential to have a tool that supports:

  • Affiliate partner recruitment and management
  • Customizable commission structures
  • Commission formula
  • Affiliate link tracking

For a more refined and effective affiliate marketing strategy, consider offering advanced features for your affiliates, such as:

  • Cookie-less conversion tracking
  • Service and product feeds to automatically update affiliate websites on current events, bets, and more
  • Lead generation tools, allowing affiliates to gather potential clients through your lead magnets on their websites
  • Brand protection, ensuring transparency on the origin of clicks or leads

Check how PalDock can address these challenges and propel your revenues to new heights.

Efficiently Manage Your Affiliate Partners

Seamlessly recruit, onboard, and organize your partners. Easily categorize and tag them, and assign dedicated affiliate managers for personalized attention. 

Customize commission structures

Tailor your commission structures to fit any model you desire – whether it’s CPA, revenue sharing, or use a commission formula. Moreover, you can employ a range of conversion goals that align with the diverse revenue streams generated through different types of conversions. Want to combine CPA and revenue share? No problem. 

You also have the option to set conditions for commission payments based on certain criteria, such as the First-time Deposit amount by the player. The CPA commission may not be activated if the deposit falls below a specified threshold. For instance, the casino might offer a USD 50 commission for a player who deposits USD 30. However, a deposit of USD 10 wouldn’t activate the CPA payment.

Plus, you can boost affiliate partner’s motivation with the flexibility of offering one-time or automated bonuses, and apply penalties when needed.

Commission formula

Design your personalized commission formula. If you’re considering adding marketing or branding expenses into your commissions, or if you’d like to base your costs on attribution, you can do so. Additionally, you have the flexibility to incorporate various elements, such as expenses related to bonuses, the operations of gaming, banking services, the POC (point of consumption) tax, and providing assistance to customers.

For example, in the gambling industry, you might want to use a similar formula:

  • {[Total Gross Gaming Revenue} – {Taxes} – {Affiliate platform fee coefficient)] – {Customer Bonuses}} – {Attribution costs}

So a player signs up to a casino with 100 USD, loses that, the gross revenue is 100 USD. The player got a 10 USD entry bonus and there are other expenses present:

  • {[100 USD} – {15 USD} – {5 USD)] – {10 USD}} – {20 USD} = 50 USD for affiliate partner as a revenue share

Each time a customer places a bet and loses, the resulting revenue will be distributed among affiliates as stated. However, if the customer wins and a loss occurs, the affiliate’s commission for that period will be reduced accordingly, using the same calculation method.

However, this only applies to the specified month. If you wish to transfer a loss from one month to another, activate the “negative carryover” feature, which facilitates this transfer.

Additionally, you can set the duration for commission payments based on the customer’s activity, be it for 1 year, 2 years, or for the entire lifetime of their gaming. You don’t need to monitor this in your system; Paldock has got it covered.

Track accurately affiliate or any other traffic and conversions

Track traffic from your affiliates and any of your campaigns seamlessly. Set clear attribution rules to avoid double-paying for a single conversion. Prefer your paid campaign to take precedence over affiliate sources? We’ve got you covered. Use either cookie-based, cookie-less tracking or promo codes for transparent and fair conversion attribution. View all your traffic and campaign data, not just affiliate insights, in a unified dashboard.

Conversion tracking including Cookie-less tracking

Did you know? On average, only 60% of users allow cookie tracking through consent bars. If you rely solely on cookies, that’s a whopping 40% of potential commissions slipping away from your affiliates. Which means they will not be happy about it. But Paldock has a solution. With our Postback tracking, we bypass cookies altogether, ensuring every conversion and every cent is captured. PalDock ensures fair and successful cooperation with your affiliate partners.

Always-Up-To-Date Marketing Assets

Take full control over your marketing assets with easy management of expiration dates and post-expiration content. Say goodbye to outdated banners or information on affiliate sites. Affiliates can enjoy the benefits of auto-updating HTML banners or tap into real-time product feeds—perfect for websites with real-time bet listings.

Boost effectiveness and revenues by Lead generation

Think beyond just clicks! Dive into leads as a powerful traffic source and track everything on a single, unified platform. Make the process more efficient: equip affiliates with ready-to-embed customizable forms for their sites or an API for direct lead submissions to Paldock, and, ultimately, to you. Be it for lead magnet or player registration, craft the perfect lead journey with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, packed with lead validation, verification, and advanced filtering. Bonus: If your affiliate is already on Paldock, you’re in for a smooth setup, potentially saving weeks of API integration time.

Protect Your Brand with Our Safety Rules

Knowing where your traffic originates from is essential. With Paldock gain a comprehensive insight into the delivered traffic, tracing back to the specific pages and websites it’s coming from. Not only that. You have the power to allow or disallow specific domains. So if a site doesn’t align with your brand’s values or raises concerns, you can swiftly block it. Or the other way around, you can accept traffic only from allowed domains.

Looking for More?

There’s only so much we can squeeze in here. If you feel something’s left out, take a peek at Paldock or drop us a line. Just remember, we’re truly dedicated to catering to every phase of Affiliate marketing for Advertisers. So if there’s a feature you’re after and we don’t have it yet, rest assured, we’ll get on it for you!

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