• Affiliate partner = Marketer or a Company delivering traffic for commissions
  • Advertiser = Lead Generation company or Provider of some service buying traffic
  • Lead = customer’s data usually from filled form
  • iFrame form = Form embedded on website of affiliate partner under control of the Advertiser for collecting customer’s data

The classic tracking link integration is a cooperation, where affiliate partners integrate the advertisers through link redirection with special parameters. However, there might be cases and industries, where that is not enough.

At that moment, the API integration shines. API is basically a connection between your server and the server of the advertiser or affiliate partner. And in this connection the customer’s data flows. But how do they get there? And where do they go?


How they get there

API is just a connection for delivering the data, but it does not collect data. The data collection is done by custom form or iframe form. The single purpose of iframe form on the other hand, is only to collect data. So let’s imagine a situation where the customer is looking for some product or service.

Once the customer is searching for some product, he might find some affiliate partner’s website and in the end be redirected to the website of the advertiser to get the product. That is classic tracking link integration. But the customer can also directly request for the specific product on the mentioned affiliate partner’s websites. The affiliate partner just needs to place there an iframe form, which will collect the customer’s data as a lead. You can read more about how to get this iframe form and what are the difficulties in our articles about iframe forms. 


Where they go

Once the iframe form is placed and running, it needs to send the data somewhere. And that is the moment where API integrations come in. You can either collect the data for yourself and send them through API to your system or you can send these data through API to others.

For this purpose, we create in Paldock robust API documentation and an API standard for connecting iframes with your system and a system of other advertisers. 


Now you send the leads from your iframe form to your advertisers. Easy right? Well… there is more than meets the eye. And that is why Paldock is here. Thanks to Lead distribution you can choose the method how to sell those leads (yes, there are several ways) to get the best results.

And as a bonus, there are already dozens of prepared API integrations. You don’t have to spend money on integrating them or on maintenance. We got that covered.

Pro TIP: if you want, you can also allow your affiliates to use prepared integrations with their custom deals as a benefit.