Case Study – Telco Comparator

The days when you could just put affiliate links on your website and wait for good results are over. With so many websites now, it’s hard to stand out and give internet users something extra. If you want to grow your project and gain market share, you can’t just copy what your competitors do. You need to do better and offer more in a unique way.

That’s just what the online telco comparator did. Their main goals were:

  • Make a place to compare all mobile tariffs, filter them, and pick the best one.
  • Help users find and get the product easily.
  • Give users something extra to stand out from competitors.
  • Create their own product that customers will come back to and remember.
  • Be ready for future changes and share their product for others to promote.

Sounds like a big project that needs a lot of work? Normally, this would be a big IT project involving many people and requiring custom development. But with Paldock software, it was all simple and mostly automatized, so it could be started even as a one-man show.

Comparing made simple

The first benefit was bringing together all market offers in one spot with the option to filter by parameters. To do this, they first needed a platform to gather the data. Next, their Advertisers must have their Product Feeds available. Since some of them didn’t, they needed a way to make a manual feed update it by hand and aggregate these manual feeds together with the automatic feeds.

With Paldock, you can easily connect to companies that have Product Feeds. And for those that don’t, manual updates are an option. What’s great about Paldock is that you can bring together many feeds, even manual ones, into a single feed. Plus, updating manual feeds is done in one place. This saves a lot of time, especially if you manage multiple websites or work with affiliate partners. Using something like a WordPress plugin might only work for one site. With Paldock, you don’t need to update each site individually, and affiliates don’t need to copy your changes one by one.

Manage Promotional Tools with EaseĀ 

When promoting or comparing products, they needed to have a single place to oversee all affiliate links, banners, forms, and more. With Paldock, they can control all these links in one place, even if they’re placed on many own or affiliate partner’s websites. They can make a single change, and it reflects everywhere. They can create short, clean URLs with their brand name. And, since everything is managed by Paldock, the redirect speed is the quickest possible. If a link stops working, Paldock alerts them and switches to a backup link. Plus, banners linked to a Product Feed automatically show the most recent promotion details.

Optimized Ads based on Conversions

To attract more users, they invest in ads. However, in today’s landscape, effective ad buying requires automated optimization centered on conversions and events. With PalDock’s Click and Lead tracking, advertisers can refine their ad strategies based on the specific clicks or leads that resulted in conversions. Additionally, PalDock’s capability for both cookie and cookie-less conversion tracking ensures optimization even when conversions occur on the Advertiser’s platform.

Provide Extra Value to Users and Boost Business

Just redirecting links doesn’t cut it anymore. For a real advantage, they tried Lead generation. Making it simple for users to order products right on their site. This means users stay on their website, giving them more control over conversion rate and tracking. They and their advertisers can see all the traffic without depending on cookies. Plus, they gather user data, enabling them to offer more products or reach out to the database later.

Built Own Product

Using Paldock’s Advanced API, they combined their Advertisers’ features to make their own product. They gather internet connection details for specific addresses from all their advertisers automatically. So, when users visit the broadband internet comparison, they see more than just a list. They can also enter their address to check available broadband connections at that specific address. This way, users see only the offers they can actually use. They can also fill out a form right there if they like an offer. This helps collect more user details and share them efficiently with the Advertisers. And for a much higher price than simple link redirect, since it provides them a much higher value. Plus, they can choose different ways to share these details, like auctions or sending them to all advertisers at once.

Prepared for the Future

Being affiliates to their Advertiser, they understood that as their product grows, they might want to begin their own Affiliate marketing program in addition to the usual marketing methods. They might also think about buying leads from other affiliates. They wanted to avoid choosing a solution now and discovering later it doesn’t meet their needs because changing it would be costly. But with Paldock, they’re already set up for whatever the future holds.


Overcoming key technical challenges with the help of Paldock software, they quickly gained a big part of the market and became top in their field. They gave great value to both users and advertisers. They made their own special product and shared it with affiliates, building a solid brand identity. This made it easy to grow their user base and reach out to them again with upsell or cross-sell offers.

Want to be as successful? Pick Paldock for your Affiliate marketing and Lead generation.