Adding Lead Generation info Affiliate Marketing

Track your campaigns and create your own affiliate program/network

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Links and Leads tracking

Manage Campaigns and
Affiliates from One place

Are you looking for a platform, where you can track all your campaigns and affiliates with lead routing features? You came to the right place. Paldock connects Link tracking and Lead generation.

Link Tracking

Create tracking links for yourself or your affiliates and measure all your performance in one place.

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iFrame Forms

Create high performing iFrames connected through API to you or your advertisers.

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Deliver leads from your custom form through API to you or connected advertisers

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Lead Generation

Lead routing and
Pingtree cascade

Offer your leads in the auction to get the best price possible

Sell your leads to one advertiser or to many

Use filters, lead verifications, redirect possibilities, and more

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Few Words From Our Founder

What Paldock Can Do For You

What We Offer

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our Awesome Features

Paldock is the software that helps you increase your conversions by smart affiliate marketing and lead generation. Check how bellow.


Ad management

Manage all campaigns and affiliates from one place with different payout models.


API connection

Integrate offers through API and allow your affiliate to send traffic through API.


iFrame forms

Create an iframe form with the main offer and alternative offer If the main is rejected.


Lead routing

Use advanced logic when selling traffic through API with lead routing and cascades.


Data enrichment

Collect data from iframes and generate more conversion, allow the same to affiliates.


Allow custom deals

Let affiliates use their custom deals through your platform as a benefit.

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